Would You Pay $315,916 to See the Ravens Play in Super Bowl XLVII?

Third-party tickets range from $2,000 up to six-figures for the big game.


Die-hard Ravens fans will do a lot to show their support for their team. But would they pay almost $316,000 to see them battle the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans?

Doug Gardner, of Parkton, has been a fan of the Ravens "since day one" and showed his support for the team by wearing his Ray Rice jersey on top of his business clothes. "I even kept it on for client meetings, including some I was meeting for the first time," he said.

When asked about the high third-party ticket prices, Gardner said he'd pay "maybe $1,000" to go to the Super Bowl.

While tickets for the Super Bowl are always more expensive than regular season or even playoff games, the StubHub website currently lists nearly 4,300 available tickets (the Superdome seats up to 73,000) with prices ranging from $2,194 for seats in the terrace section of the end zone, up to $315,916 for a suite on the 400 level.

Locally, Craigslist has postings with people offering as much as $9,999 for tickets, and dozens of ticket offers, with prices ranging from as little as $650 each for two tickets together in Section 610, up to $8,500 for three tickets together in Section 628.

There are also numerous travel packages, rental housing in New Orleans and even people looking to cash in on the Ravens 2000 Super Bowl victory by selling a Ray Lewis-signed Super Bowl XXXV MVP photo for $500.

If you don't plan to spend $316,000 and attend the game, there is plenty of Ravens' gear available at local sporting good stores, department stores like Target, Kohl's and Sears.

At Poor Boys in Abingdon, the most popular item is a purple T-shirt with Ray Lewis' number 52 in the shape of a heart with the words "The heart of Baltimore" underneath it.

There is also a cottage industry of temporary stores selling gear.

"The strangest place I've seen Raven gear is at a gas station in Timonium—it was a huge roadside stand," Gardner said.


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