What Do Greenbelt's Elementary School Principals Do During Summer?

Principals Gaines and Jenkins share their summer plans with Greenbelt Patch.


With Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) letting out for summer vacation today, some students will have the weekend off before starting summer camp on Monday, many will begin work on their PGCPS summer activity packets, while others will begin looking forward to trips to the beach, the mountains or resorts like Disney World.

But what about school staff? What do they do all summer?

Patch caught up with Principal Natasha Jenkins and Principal Monica Gaines to find out how they plan to spend their summers.

Principal Gaines, who is finishing her first school year has that 'Super Bowl MVP feeling' of I’m Going to Disney World but has more modest, family focused plans “I will be taking some time off to spend with my daughter, Sydney who is excited about going into 2nd grade next year - we will go to the beach and spend time with family and friends.”

Gaines will keep her attention on her school as well. 

“On the other hand, I will be reflecting on what worked well this school year and areas that we still have room to grow and improve, “Gaines said. “Members of our Leadership Team will be planning and learning more about the Common Core to share with the rest of the staff when they return in August.”

Springhill Lake Principal Jenkins will also take some time off to rest and recharge, but like Principal Gaines, understands that being a PGCPS principal is a year-round endeavor.

“I am a 12 month employee, but I have already scheduled a two-week family vacation during the summer, and plan to enjoy the sun and warm blue waters.”


What are your family’s summer plans? Share them in the comments section below! 


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