Watch Captain Kirk Map Out the Rovers' Mars Mission

The Mars rover Curiosity will have "seven minutes of terror" as it goes from 13,000 mph to a soft landing, according to James T. Kirk—we're talking original Star Trek here.

Some lucky locals get to watch Mars rover Curiosity land on the Red Planet with space die-hards at Goddard Monday. Are you cursing the Romulans because all the invitations are now sucked up?

There may yet be hope for space slackers who didn't RSVP and missed out on Goddard's invite. Greenbelt Patch is awaiting an answer from Goddard on whether there is any wiggle room in beaming in more visitors, or if it is considering a waiting list for the midnight to 3 a.m. touch down show.

But if not, hey, you're not completely abandoned. In the attached video, Captain Kirk gives us the low down on the mission, while some way cool animations bring us with him on the rover's Mars landing.

And we're talking the original here—William Shatner.

"It's time to get down to business," James T. starts off, then explains Curiosity will endure "seven minutes of terror," as she goes from 13,000 mph to a soft landing.

Curiosity intends to see if there's evidence that Mars once harbored life, the captain explains. We also get a chance to walk through her two earth-year primary mission.

I know from our polls that we have some Star Trek loyalists among us, including Greenbelt's own Mayor, Judith "J" Davis—although she let it slip that, "The real 'hot' character was cool Mr. Spock." But perhaps she will give the captain's new video a chance.

. For now, let the original captain explain the mission folks, and Patch will let you know if there's any wiggle room for you at Goddard on Monday.


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