Thousands of Maryland Workers Could Face Furloughs Due to Sequestration

Furloughs and layoffs could be in the tens of thousands in Maryland alone.

Sequestration does not appear to be causing the same level of panic as did the fiscal cliff, or so says a recent Huffington Post piece.

However, the 800,000 Department of Defense civil workers that would effectively get a 20 percent pay cut due to a one-day-a-week furlough, according to the Washington Business Journal, may not agree.

What about Prince George’s County’s 70,000 federal workers or Montgomery County’s 47,000 federal workers? The Washington Post identified these civil servants as potentially facing the same fate, or worse.

In another Washington Business Journal story, the U.S Army claims that 23,243 jobs in Maryland could be affected by sequestration, pulling in as much as $527 million in “contributions to the economy.”

The article further breaks down the potential effect on 1,014 contractors who support Army base operations and hundreds of private sector workers in construction and other jobs. It lists specific companies such as Lockheed Martin Corp., Raytheon Co., and CACI International that would feel the effects of sequestration.


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