Prince George’s Proposes Tax-Free 'Buy Local' Week

Council seeks to boost businesses by saving you money.

The Prince George’s Council is looking to give a boost to local businesses by providing shoppers a tax break.

The council this month introduced a resolution to establish a “Buy Local Week” in an effort to encourage shoppers to spend their money in the county during the second week of August. The week would coincide with Maryland’s Tax Free Week in which sales tax is not charged on items of clothing or footwear under $100.

The resolution was proposed by Councilman Mel Franklin (D-Dist. 9) of Upper Marlboro who said there was a need to ensure the county residents spent their money locally to help businesses.

The county has struggled for years to attract a stronger consumer base to shop locally, and as much as 60 percent of shoppers leave the county every day to commute to work, taking their money with them, Franklin said.

“The intention is to get residents to spend their dollars in the county,” he said.

The council will vote on the resolution within the coming weeks. 


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