No Room Left at Goddard to Watch Mars Rover Curiosity Land

Watching Curiosity touch down with Goddard folks is a hot ticket item—with no tickets left. But here's how you can still catch its rendezvous with the Red Planet live.


There is no room left at NASA's Goddard's Visitor Center in Greenbelt, MD, from midnight to 3:30 a.m. Monday for visitors who want to watch Curiosity touch down on the Red Planet.

But you have several alternative options for watching. They may not be the way, but you can still watch history as it happens.

And you can also prepare yourself for what you are going to see—by and the "seven minutes of terror" it will endure as it goes from 13,000 mph to a soft landing.

Yes, that's Shatner as in Capt. James Tiberius Kirk himself. He's in a NASA video with some very cool animations.

Once you watch and get your Star Trek NASA Goddard Mars rover dilithium crystal juices all worked up, below is some information on how to watch the landing live, compliments of Rob Gutro, NASA Goddard deputy news chief.

Gutro's guide for watching Curiosity touch down:

You can watch it on: NASA TV VIEWING
The televised events will also be streamed live online.


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