Greenbelt 'Penny Poll' Participants Show Where They Want Tax Dollars Spent

Greenbelters and friends use 10 pennies to weigh in on where they want their tax dollars to go.

Greenbelt Labor Day Festival participants got a chance to speak out on taxes Saturday—with pennies. The idea was simple, nine jars, 10 pennies—and participants chose the jars to put them in.

The "Penny Poll" was featured at the Prince George's County Peace & Justice Coalition exhibit and its sponsors are part of the grassroots campaign, "Fund Our Communities - Bring War Dollars Home."

Sixty festival-goers took part and here are the results:
Military current operations-  5%

Central government administration-  5%

Veterans' benefits-  8%

Civilian space exploration-  9%

Transportation, commerce, housing-  9%

National debt payment-  10%

Social Security and other income supplements-  12%

Agriculture, energy, natural resources-  17%

Health care, education, human services-  25%

To find out more about the poll and its sponsors, see the . 


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