Greenbelt Gives Pepco Green Light To Begin Work

City official signs the permits for Pepco to begin cutting trees, replacing utility poles, and working on its reliability plan.


Greenbelt residents may see changes soon when it comes to their power reliability.

Director of Planning Celia Craze notified Pepco Monday that she signed the permits for its reliability plan.

Project Manager Gary Keeler emailed her back indicating that tree-cutting would start mid-October, Craze said.

Yet, that's not a solid date, according to Pepco spokesman Bob Hainey, who said Pepcp hasn't seen the permits nor does it know what's on paper.

Pepco met with Greenbelt residents on Aug. 15 , which included removing 547 trees and replacing 536 utility poles in the hope of reducing power outages.

Spread out on tables in the front of the meeting room were maps revealing the trees slated for removal or trimming. Patch snapped , neighborhood by neighborhood.

Craze said there is some supporting material to be attached to the permit, including copies of the correct plans, information on a pre-construction meeting and contact information.

For the pre-construction meeting, city officials will meet with Pepco and the contractors in the field and talk about the practical side of this work, how to get started, how to progress, and how the city will see the work is instituted according to plan.

There will be generally modifications to plans, Craze said, adding this is "going to be a highly monitored project."


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