GHI Board Preview: Feb. 9

Members will learn how to keep their homes safe from intruders and hear about other issues facing GHI.

The  (GHI) Board will meet in regular session on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the GHI Board Room at GHI's main office at One Hamilton Place. Regular session meetings are open to members.

Items For Action or Discussion

  • Contract for underground utility repairs, 9 Laurel Hill
  • Yard line certification: 7 Court Crescent
  • Formation of a communications committee 
  • Publication of agenda for board meetings on website
  • Contract for addition maintenance program reserves analysis 
  • Emergency underground utility repairs at 20 Hillside

Items of Information

  1. 2012 community beautification program
  2. Parkway Apartments – response to security request from tenants
  3. Update on PEPCO pole/wire replacement project
  4. Thank you notes from NASCO contribution
  5. Board & committee task lists
  6. Monthly GHI and city calendars

Further details on the agenda are available on GHI's website.


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