Cherrywood Lane Roundabout Construction Expected to Begin on June 11

Traffic aid seeks to reduce congestion at busy intersection.

Construction on the Cherrywood Lane Roundabout is scheduled to begin on or around June 11. Intended to improve traffic at the intersection of Cherrywood Lane and Metro Access Drive, the roundabout should take approximately 90 days to complete.

“Roundabouts are popular internationally, and growing in the U.S.” said Greenbelt’s Planning and Community Development Director Celia Craze. “They are a low-tech, high-degree of compliance, effective way of controlling traffic,” she continued.

Delays from construction are expected to be minimal. The contractor is slated to work from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., with no planned lane closures aside from the final paving, which is expected to take place at night or on the weekend.


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