Unattended Cooking Ignites Townhouse Fire in Greenbelt

A townhouse caught fire on 8253 Canning Terrace causing an estimated $25,000 in fire loss.

A kitchen caught fire at 8253 Canning Terrace in Greenbelt, MD, Friday due to unattended cooking, according to Mark Brady, Prince George's Fire Department (PGFD) spokesman. It started at the stove or oven top, he specified.

The damage estimate is $25,000 Brady said, explaining that the townhouse sustained significant smoke and heat damage in addition to the damage to the kitchen.

People were home when the fire started, but they were able to escape safely, he said.

The call came in around noon, and fire fighters arrived at 12:06 p.m., within 10 minutes they had they fire out, according to Brady.

"We had it knocked out pretty quickly," he said, which prevented any extension of the end-unit townhouse to other units.


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