Three Cars Burned in Greenbelt, Linked to 16 Others in Weeklong Spree

Fire officials are advising residents to lock their car doors and to turn external lights on at night.

Three automobiles burned at once Monday morning on the 7700 block of Hanover Parkway in Greenbelt—part of a 16-car auto fire spree in the past week, according to Mark Brady, Prince George's Fire/EMS spokesman.

In the face of what fire officials say is arson and vandalism, Brady advises residents to lock their vehicles and remove all valuables. He also said to leave on exterior lights at night to illuminate the areas where vehicles are parked. The fires took place during the early morning hours of Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, Brady stated.

The fire department asks residents to be vigiliant and report suspicious activity immediately to 911. It also asks that callers note descriptions of people and the vehicles as well as descriptions of activity.

The times, dates and locations of the auto fires have been released by the fire department and are listed below.

The fire department is seeking information from the public about who may be responsible for the fires. Anyone with information is asked to call the Arson Tip Line at (301)-77-ARSON (27766). It states that tips can be called in anonymously. Tips can also be emailed to 77arson@co.pg.md.us.

Auto Fire Times, Dates and Locations

10/24/12    3:27 a.m.    5700 block of Westgate Rd., Lanham-Seabrook

10/24/12    4:24 a.m.    Unit block of Barberry Ct., Upper Marlboro/Kettering

10/24/12    5:48 a.m.   3100 block of Altair Ln., Upper Marlboro

10/24/12    6:09 a.m.   10700 block of Pookey Way, Upper Marlboro

10/25/12    12:36 a.m. 13100 block of Keverton Dr., Upper Marlboro/Kettering

10/25/12    0102hrs    12200 block of Kings Arrow St., Kettering 

10/25/12    0116hrs    Abbotswood Ct/Kettering Dr., Kettering

10/25/12    0127hrs    11500 blk of Burning Tree Ct., Lake Arbor/Kettering

10/25/12    0132hrs    500 block of Etna Dr., Largo/Kettering

10/28/12    0414hrs     15700 block of Easthaven Ln., Bowie

10/28/12    0502 hrs    15900 block of Peach Walker Dr., Bowie

10/28/12    0512 hrs    16100 block of Parklawn Pl., Bowie

10/28/12    0546hrs     3100 block of Pyles Dr., Upper Marlboro

10/29/12    0415hrs     7700 block of Hanover Pkwy., Greenbelt (3 automobiles burned at same time)

Jennifer October 30, 2012 at 02:56 AM
This last one, this morning was my mother's car. What animals can go out & do this. It's absolutely ridiculous that this is going on for several days. Especially that so many were around others. I hope they catch these animals very soon.
Bailey Henneberg October 30, 2012 at 12:51 PM
So sorry to hear your mother's car was burned! I imagine having her car out of commission with the storm coming must have been doubly traumatic.
Polly October 30, 2012 at 12:54 PM
I used to know someone who lived on Pyles Drive in Upper Marlboro, it's not a long or heavily poplated street. As for these animals, becoming the norm for PG County any more. I remember when this wasn't the case. These low lifes really do need to be found, tried, convicted and locked up for a long time.
Shaka Zulu November 05, 2012 at 06:13 PM
I wonder if they all have Romney/Ryan stickers on them? Or Obama/Biden stickers? Just a thought.


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