Police Clear Barricaded Apartment, Alleged Gunman Missing

After spending hours trying to control a barricade situation at an apartment complex in Greenbelt, the police said the alleged gunman was not inside.

Update, 10:34 p.m.: Police thought an alleged gunman was inside an apartment on the 7900 block of Mandan Road in Greenbelt, however, after around four hours, they did not find the suspect inside.

Shortly after 5:30 p.m., Greenbelt police responded to the scene of a shooting at the . About an hour later, police officials believed the suspect in the shooting had barricaded himself inside an apartment in the complex. 

A SWAT team arrived that included officers from Prince George's County Police, Greenbelt Police, and Laurel city police, and just after 10 p.m. the team cleared the apartment.

Greenbelt Police Spokeswoman Kelly Lawson said the room where police thought the alleged gunman was hiding is now empty.

Intel said the suspect was there, Sgt. Anthony Miskovisch, of Laurel city police, said, but he must have left.

Although SWAT has left the scene at the Glen Oaks Apartments, investigators remain on scene collecting evidence.

At this time, police have not released anymore information on the alleged gunman or his wherabouts.

Original Post, 9:23 p.m.: Police are on scene of a barricade situation in the 7900 block of Mandan Road in Greenbelt.

The suspect, who barricaded himself inside an apartment, is the alleged gunman according to security guard Chris Jacques, with Atlas National Security.

According to Officer Kelly Lawson, a spokewoman with the Greenbelt Police, the suspect allegedly shot a man in the Friday evening. Jacques said it occurred at 5:30 p.m.

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Jacques said the victim was shot approximately five times. He is in stable condition, according to Lawson.

The shooting suspect is in his unit and lives on the property, Jacques said.

The SWAT team onsite is made up of Greenbelt, Laurel and Prince George's County Police, Jacques said. He normally works at , but was volunteering his time with Glen Oaks.

Lawson said the suspect is wearing a white T-shirt and carrying a black handgun.

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