Pr. George's Firefighters Seek Help from Pond Owners

Prince George's fire hoses sometimes run dry in southern parts of the county, right in the middle of fights to put out house fires, the Gazette reports.


It is not unheard of for firefighters to run out of water shortly after attacking a blazing house fire in southern parts of Prince George's County, according to Denice Dickens, Prince George's County 7th Battalion chief, the Gazette reports.

Rural parts of the county don't have a public water system and have no fire hydrants, according to the Gazette, adding that these homes rely on individual septic systems. 

The Fire/EMS Department is looking for creative ways to maintain a water supply and is looking into a technique called "dry hydrants," where piping and connectors pump pond water to fire engines and water tankers, Dickens said, according to the report. 

The county now has six dry hydrant's, following an October installation at a privately-owned pond in Brandywine, the Gazette reports. Dickens said she is looking for more water sources and is asking south county residents to offer the use of their ponds, according to the report.


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