Asian Brothel Raided and Closed in Greenbelt

The second brothel discovered in two weeks by police in Greenbelt was closed Tuesday.

Another massage parlor was closed in Greenbelt this week after police discovered it was a front for an Asian brothel.

According to police spokeswoman Kelly Lawson, members of the Metropolitan Area Drug Task Force (MADTF) and the Greenbelt Police Department raided a suspected Asian brothel Tuesday at 7525 Greenway Center Drive, Suite 116.

The brothel was disguised as a massage parlor, TK Therapy. The business was raided last year, but resumed their illegal operation, Lawson stated. 

Police searched the business after "an investigation revealed illegal sex acts were being performed inside the businesses in exchange for money," she added. Officers took money and electronic equipment into custody.

Charges are pending in this case, Lawson added.

Just last week another prostitution ring was busted in Belle Point Office Park in Greenbelt.

Chuck Burton March 04, 2013 at 03:55 PM
Instead of closing them down, why not make them legal. Then they will be subject to health and safety rules and inspections, and they will pay taxes and fees, to the benefit of the various juresdictions
Jim Tulley March 07, 2013 at 12:02 PM
Nooo! That was my favorite massage parlor... All jokes aside, it's a shame to see the worlds 'oldest profession' still being prosecuted. All the while it being apparent that prostitution is not going away anytime soon or in our foreseeable future. Perhaps a serious look about the true 'will' of the people is in order. I would like to note that often these 'asian' styled massage parlors are in reality deeply connected to human trafficking crimes and some of the employee's are more or less pressed into indentured servitude while in the search of a better life.
Chuck Burton March 07, 2013 at 03:03 PM
Another reason for legalizing pay-for-sex: the employees would be just that, and the employers would have to abide be all the regulations that apply to all other businesses. It would make it easier to control the undesireable "black market" in things such as underage prostitution.


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