Single Men: EXPOSED!

Just where do you find those single guys!

It got your attention, right? Ladies, this week I will share some insider tips on single men in our area. Where do they live? What events and activities are they likely to enjoy? Sorry single guys, I'm blowing your cover.

Let's first take a look at where guys are living. Single men are more likely to rent than buy. They can be found in apartments in urban, metro accessible cities: Arlington, Tysons, Capitol Hill, Bethesda, downtown Silver Spring.

Next, looking for local events where you might fall into a crowd of single men? I was surprised at the number of solo guys at the September Poetry Open Mic Night at New Deal Cafe. Ladies, these men read POETRY! Sweet

There are always lots of guys at the music festivals in Roosevelt Center. And yes, it's a cliché, but our local fire department has lots of men, manly men! However, unless you have an emergency, requiring 911, you may not get to meet them. Though you could attend the next fundraiser at the fire station.

Finally, what do those single men do for fun? They wash their cars! Check out the man-woman ratio on a busy, sunny weekend. Really, you will be very surprised. Ask that cute guy for help with the wax. Guys do hang out at bars, but we all know this isn't the best way to find a "keeper." Sports? Any event: football, soccer, hockey the guys will come. You should go too!

Wrapping up, hope I gave you more insight into the elusive single guy. They aren't really elusive, just different. And on the bright side, even without making a connection, you can enjoy a cultural or sporting event, driving in your very clean car.


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