Did You Make a Love Connection on a Blind Date?

Let's take a close look at the blind date option for singles to meet people.

What comes to your mind when you hear the words — blind date. Have you ever been on one? Would you try it again?

A blind date happens when two people who have never met are set up by a mutual friend. Perhaps the friend thinks they have similar interests. Or maybe the friend has a really sick sense of humor. (True story coming up!)

I find it’s always good to Google the date’s name, just in case. Once the strangers meet they are off for a meal, an activity, or if they are really not bonding, a quick drive around the block.

Blind dates can go really bad or just really awkward. In college a classmate set me up with his brother. He told a long sad tale of his
brother’s loneliness, desire to meet a nice girl like me… blah blah blah. What could I say?

We met and left for the evening event, described to me as a “church supper." This was misleading if not a lie! And sorry but there was no chemistry between brother and I, at all. I was going to stick it out, not wanting to bail too early. We arrived for “church supper,” and what do I see all over the parish hall — hearts, pink and red streamers: welcome to the SWEETHEART DINNER!

You can imagine the night went downhill from there. I refused to participate in any games. They had questions like “boxers or
briefs!” What kind of church was this??

I shoveled in a few bites of food, cutting my eyes at my date, the Deceiver. He just folded his hands over his stomach and looked soooo pleased with himself. I toyed with the idea pulling down a streamer and shoving it in his lying mouth. But I’m sweet forgiving Amy, on the outside. I just made him leave early.

If you use any of the dating Internet sites like match.com for meeting someone in person you found on the site, this is also a “blind date," with a sneak peak. My experiences with these sites have been a bit more positive, because I feel like I have more control. I know what
he appears to look like, and more background is posted for me to really dig for any red flags.

Finally, I think “blind dates” have their place. I might even try it again! If your friend really hooks you up with someone who you could see yourself long term with, by golly you hot tamale, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! Plus “blind dates” by friends have no monthly fee. AND you can be pretty sure the date will not be on “America’s Most Wanted," though you may want to keep it on in the background, just in case!


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