Franklin Roosevelt's Grandson To Talk About Historic Greenbelt

The son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's eldest son is coming to Greenbelt, MD, a city created under his grandfather's administration.

James Roosevelt, Jr. is coming to Greenbelt, MD, one of three "greenbelt" towns created under the resettlement administration established by his grandfather, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, during his years as president of the United States.

James Jr., the son of the president's eldest son, James, will speak at the Greenbelt Community Center at 2 p.m. Saturday. He plans to share some insights about his historical family.

The event is part of Greenbelt's year-long 75th anniversary celebration of the town's settlement in 1937. It includes a performance by the Greenbelt Combined Choir singing and refreshments by Chef Lou.

Greenbelt was one of the first government-designed communities and was intended to be self-sufficient and provide inexpensive housing for government workers.

Other "greenbelt" towns developed by the Depression-era government were Greendale, WI, and Greenhills, OH.


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