Week in Review: Five Stories on Tap in Greenbelt

From the secondhand smoke trial and a policy to stop hoarding to a discussion on whether grownups should take their little ones to adult-rated movies — it has been a busy week in our green city.

This week the secondhand smoke case took the top spot in our coverage of Greenbelt.

Dawn Mooney, our Mom columnist, raised quite a ruckus over parents who bring their kids into adult-rated movies, in .

Greenbelter Molly Lester questioned council over its and its for the public.

The GHI Board unanimously passed a new policy that gave GHI the power , as they arise.

We also posted your Greenbelt , to let you know some of the events you can participate in when the big weekend comes our way. Who knows, you just may be the next Greenbeltian Idol. OK, yes, I just made that word up. But it kind of works?


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