SPEAK OUT: How Old is Too Old for Santa Claus?

What is the right age to reveal the truth about the jolly old elf?


It is undeniably Christmas time, as evidenced by the decorated houses, Christmas tree lots popping up and Santas setting up shop in department stores and malls.

For many small children, Santa Claus is a big part of the holiday. Kids pose on his lap for photos, write letters will detailed gift requests and try to be on their best behavior to avoid the naughty list.

The big guy in red is a hot topic of conversation for those who celebrate and have little ones, which begs the question, when do you reveal the truth about the Santa myth? Do you tell your precocious 7-year-old the truth because she's no longer buying it and you are tired of lying? Do you reveal the truth to your 10-year-old so he doesn't get teased by his friends for being the last believer? Or do you simply let them believe until they come into the truth on their own?

How old is too old for Santa? Do you remember when you learned the truth about Old St. Nick? Tell Patch in the comments!

Pachacutec December 12, 2012 at 05:18 PM
I say let kids find out on their own! I'm well over 50 years of age and cannot remember ONE child I've ever known being "traumatized" by finding out about Santa. For goodness sakes, let children be children for as long as they can; why do people have to complicate everything, anymore? Anyhow- odds are very good that your child will find out about Santa fairly early on, but will PRETEND to still believe (everyone knows you get more presents that way!)
Jenni Pompi (Editor) December 12, 2012 at 05:33 PM
LOL, Pachacutec - when I told my mom I wasn't sure if I believed any more she told me that Santa only brought presents to believers. She got a few more years out of me that way!


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