Prince George's: Halloween Decorations at Home Depot Ignite, $6K of Marijuana Found in Shed

Voter turnout around 62 percent, and a 92-year-old candidate who stubbornly walks to the polls in Prince George's County headlines this week.


Police: $6K of Marijuana Found in Bowie Shed

Police were responding to a breaking and entering call on Antler Court South when they made the discovery. Norman Patrick McClain, 22, is facing 12 separate charges stemming from the discovery.

Maryland's 92-Year-Old Green Party Nominee Walks to Polls Defying 12 Knee Operations

Maryland's 92-year-old Green Party nominee for Congress, Bob Auerbach, stood outside the Greenbelt Community Center polling station on Election Day passing out literature in temperatures barely above freezing. Despite 12 operations on his left knee, a right eye that is 95 percent blind, hearing aids in both ears and a metal plate in his left hip, he walked to the polling station, turning down an offer for a ride from a campaign volunteer.

Holiday Decorations Start Home Depot Fire

Some ghouls may have taken exception to the Halloween decorations out at the Home Depot in College Park. The decorations, which were located in the front of the store, caught on fire Tuesday afternoon, according to Prince George's County Fire Spokesman Mark Brady. The fire was contained by the store's sprinklers and then extinguished by firefighters. No one was injured and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Voter Turnout Around 62% in Prince George's County

Voter turnout in Prince George's County broke 60 percent in Tuesday's general election but was down significantly from four years ago, according to unofficial figures released by the county's board of elections.


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