GHI Home Sales Show Increase

Sales are greater to date than they've been since 2007, but GHI's General Manager says to wait and see what happens before saying things have turned around.

On Tuesday, GHI reported 14 homes selling in the first quarter of 2012, and seven contracts already pending in the second quarter, which began April 1.

GHI General Manager Eldon Ralph said sales are better thus far in 2012 than they have been since 2007, but it is still too soon to tell if they are going to turn around from the decline of the last four years.

Ralph pointed to a recent example of how homes tend to do better, even in today’s market, when they are in good condition and are presentable.

According to Ralph, GHI sold a home in around two weeks that had been returned to it from a member, and it was priced more than $20,000 higher than some similar sized units. It was a two bedroom frame home that GHI had done a lot of repair work on — including painting, removing paneling, replacing the flooring and upgrading the kitchen.

Ralph said he thought it sold for around $120,000 while there were some other 2 bedroom frames that sold for under $100,000.


Year                 Sold to Date   Year End

2003       -              21           106 Settlements

2004       -              10           125 Settlements

2005       -              12           108 Settlements

2006       -              15           109 Settlements

2007       -              17           102 Settlements

2008       -              6             64 Settlements

2009       -              7             67 Settlements      

2010       -              10           73 Settlements

2011       -                7            57 Settlements

2012       -              14              7  contracts pending


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