First Quarter Home Sales Are Up In GHI

Fourteen GHI units have sold thus far in the first quarter of 2012.

After slowing down appreciably in the last several years, first quarter home sales have risen in (GHI) in 2012, according to Eldon Ralph, GHI General Manager.

"The first quarter sales are definitely better than they have been since 2007," Ralph said in an interview on Thursday. In 2007, GHI sold 22 homes, but the sales dropped to 7 in 2008.

Since Jan. 1 of this year, the sales have risen to 14, according to Ralph. The quarter is still in progress and will end on March 31. With a pre-purchase orientation scheduled for Saturday, it is possible the number of sales will go up further yet before the quarter comes to a close.

But Ralph thinks it is too early to project whether GHI has turned the corner in regard to home sales. More time is needed to see where the trends go, Ralph said.


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