Woodlands Committee Invades the Invasives on Earth Day

The Greenbelt Homes Woodlands Committee trimmed vines and branches from the woodlands and removed invasives.

Greenbelter Eric Zhang posted a photo essay of an Earth Day cleanup by the Greenbelt Homes, Inc. volunteer Woodland's Committee. It's part of his continued quest to blog about Greenbelt's 75th Anniversary year.

"It's going to be a day of service to help restore the ecology of the GHI woodlands," Matt Berres, GHI staff liaison to the committee, told Patch on Friday, just before the cleanup. "It's a chance to come out and meet friends and neighbors and celebrate the woodlands and GHI."

On Saturday, committee members and friends trimmed vines and branches back and performed invasive plant removal from an area between the 58 and 62 courts of Ridge road.

Zhang reported that GHI manages nearly 86 acres of forested woodlands, and one of the biggest problems facing the woods is invasive plants. Non-natives can crowd out the native plants, distrubing wildlife habitat and causing damage to the ecological system.


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