Planet Fitness To Open in Beltway Plaza Monday

The gym offers $10 and $19 monthly memberships, 80 pieces of cardio equipment, hydro massages, tanning, the 'youth booth' and more.

Planet Fitness plans to open its doors Monday at Space 201 in Beltway Plaza and to welcome customers into a brightly-colored world that focuses on being non-judgmental.

"Our concept is the Judgment Free Zone," said General Manager Pam Penn."That means we don't cater to bodybuilders and powerlifters."

The free weights don't go past 60 pounds—intentionally—because the gym's focus is on general health, according to Penn. Its weights may have limits, but the cardio equipment leans toward abundance, 80 in all.

The cardio pieces have no sign-up sheet and no time limit—so they're ideal for people trying to lose weight, Penn said. The gym has no time limit either, but will be fully staffed 24/7, according to Penn.

All members can get a workout program designed specifically for them at no extra cost. This involves sitting down with a trainer to talk about their goals and how many times a week they plan to exercise. Then the trainer will design a plan around their needs, according to Penn.

Memberships cost $10 or $19 monthly, and the tailored workout program is included with either membership. Also included is a variety of 43 fitness classes, with more than 1,000 appointments available currently, Penn said.

Members who opt for the $19 plan can bring a guest with them every time they visit. That guest gets use of all the equipment available to those with $10 memberships, but the $19 membership owner gets some extra perks, including:

  • Hydro massage beds that offer water massages
  • Access to any Planet Fitness nationwide
  • Stand-up tanning booth
  • Tanning bed
  • Electric massage chairs
  • The Total Body Enhancer machine

Penn is a big fan of the Total Body Enhancer, which she said has ultraviolet red lights and a vibrating floor. Her eyes widen and a smile fills her face as she talks about the machine she likes to call the "youth booth."

The Total Body Enhancer helps regenerate collagen, reduce cellulite and boosts metabolism, she said. She contends it also helps tone thighs, hips, the glutes and the lower abdomen.

Planet Fitness' sign up fee is $1 until Oct. 15, which is in addition to its membership fee. Afterward it's $10 to sign up with a $19 membership and $29 with a $10 membership.

Until Saturday, pre-sales can be made inside the mall at a booth near Beltway Plaza McDonald's. Starting Saturday, sales will be moved to the gym itself, which is in the Giant concourse, across from Sport Zone. Cash, check or credit card options are available on pre-sales, but memberships are by check only. For more on pre-sales and for contact information, please see the Planet Fitness website or call 240-542-9644.

Gina Mai Denn October 05, 2012 at 03:33 PM
I wonder how Gold's Gym feels about this.
Donald James October 05, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Great! No need to go all the way to Bowie or Landover.


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