LA Fitness in Greenbelt to Honor Bally’s Lifetime Memberships

Fitness club buyout leads to confusion, frustration by lifetime members.


In late November LA Fitness purchased 171 Bally’s health clubs across the country, including associated customer contracts, but not lifetime memberships. As reported in the , many customers had paid thousands of dollars for the lifetime memberships, only to find out that the memberships were not truly “lifetime.”

Customers took to online message boards and forums to share their stories, one going so far as to create Ballyssuit.com, “an online forum created by Michigan resident Jeff Levy with the ambitions of forming a class action law suit.”

Before any suits were filed, LA Fitness released a statement on their website explaining that they would in fact, honor the lifetime memberships from Bally’s:

"LA Fitness has decided to simplify the access rules and give all of the acquired Bally Total Fitness (“BTF”) members access to current LA Fitness clubs as described below," reads the statement, which also bullet points the following guidelines:

  • BTF “Local” Members will have access to LA Fitness clubs and acquired BTF clubs in the state of enrollment*;
  • BTF “National” Members will have access to those clubs in all states*; and
  • Acquired BTF members who only have single club access will continue to have access to that single club (or, if that club has closed, to another BTF or LAF club nearby).
  • *Except for New York clubs (unless you enrolled in NY) and clubs designated now or in the future as Signature and Athletic clubs.

Patch spoke with Ally White, operations manager at the , to find out how these changes will affect local lifetime membership customers.

“We are honoring the lifetime memberships from Bally’s,” White said. “Some memberships with annual renewals will be charged $1 per year, but customers are welcome to call me with any questions about their membership.”

Bally’s/LA Fitness members can contact White by calling 301-441-8300.

Barry January 18, 2012 at 03:01 PM
great news! now that the martial arts studio is closed, will L A Fitness please re-open the second racquetball court. there are a significant number of players, too many for one court to handle....thanks
trusgold January 30, 2012 at 01:06 AM
LA Fitness is a dark underside. The local gym salespeople will DO whatever it take to try and resign you up..I know personally~
juana tocasio February 29, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Its the dirtiest gym ever!! Toilet paper and paper towels always out. Bathroom filthy!!
sabrina January 01, 2013 at 03:59 AM
I had a lifetime membership that included childcare. I walked into the gym to drop of my kids in daycare for a 40 min workout at la fitmess and was charged $20 dollars for 2 kids to color for 40 min and $10 for the guest that came with me. I had been a member at ballys simce 1994 and am very disappointed With la fitness
Lourdes Kistler March 19, 2013 at 05:33 PM
Two days ago I went to the LA fitness club in Rockville, MD and was told I could not use their facitilies because they are a "signture" club. According to them, my Ballys lifetime membership expired when LA Fitness took over in 2011 and I'm only entitled to use their facilities in other areas that are not located near my home. I was offered no other options. Their attitude was - "take it or leave it" Would like to know if there is a new class action law suit against Ballys for selling our memberships without proper notification and LA Fitness for "excluding" us from some of their facilities. Would appreciate any suggestions or current info. Lourdes


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