Bites Nearby: Beltway Plaza's Chipotle Attracts Burrito Lovers, Near and Far

Customers brave the long lines for a healthy alternative to fast food: Chipotle.

Many Greenbelters and passersby may have noticed the line of customers snaking outside the door of and into the parking lot adjacent to Greenbelt Road.

Don't be fooled. The line is still there, and it is always long; however, it has been made to circle the inside of the restaurant to keep customers warm and in plain view of the menu and hand-prepared items.

Located at 5506 Cherrywood Lane, Chipotle is located at the entrance of the , across from the (next to Mattress Discounters).

It offers a wide variety of combinations for those who love Mexican fare — from burritos and tacos to fajitas, salsa and chips and even salads — Chipotle will have your custom order made and ready in under 30 seconds.

So brave the line. The wait is always worth it, and there is plenty of seating to enjoy the experience.

Dick Harbin April 18, 2011 at 12:03 PM
There's a reason that so many people tolerate a line that long for "fast food." The food always tastes fresh and is remarkably tasty. Sure, the service could be a lot friendlier...I've never seen a single smile towards a customer...but, for food this good, I (and many others) will tolerate the rest.
Kathleen Bryan April 18, 2011 at 07:50 PM
Yes, the food is yummy. Maybe we could start a smile campaign.


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