Scholarship Show is a Musical Spectacular

The 5th Annual Scholarship Show raises money for art scholarships through musical performances.

Friday night, the staff from Creative Kids Camp and Encore Camp put on the 2011 Scholarship Show in the Greenbelt Community Center Gym.

Coordinator Christopher Cherry opened the show with an enchantingly sweet musical number entitled “You’re Just in Love,” which he performed alongside camp counselor Ian Brown-Gorrell.

“I knew it was going to be good but it came out even better,” said performer and co-director of the show, Danny Parisi, 18.

Laughter resonated through the audience during the comical musical performance of Colleen Arnold and during the reading of “The Big Book of Camp Stories” read by a medley of campers and counselors.

Cultural dance performances reminiscent of Latin and Indian style also entertained spectators.

“Every year I’m so shocked by what they do” Parisi's mother, Christina Kavanagh, said. “It’s always a great show.”

This is the 5th Annual Scholarship Show from the staff of Creative Kids and Camp Encore. The proceeds from the show go toward the Mary Purcell Geiger Scholarship Fund, which offers partial scholarship assistance to Greenbelt residents of any age who want to pariticipate in Greenbelt Recreation Department visual arts, performing arts and senior programs.

The show was directed by Parisi, Olivia Guerrieri, 17, and Scott Kincaid, 19. All three worked on the show as volunteers, working long hours with hectic schedules, according to Cherry. But the work was well worth it, according to Guerrieri.

“A lot of us have been involved with this program since we were young,” Guerrieri said as she addressed the audience at the end of the show. “After a long day at work or school, it’s nice to come back here and show these campers a great time.”

The show was produced with the help of over 65 volunteers and staff members including show coordinator Cherry.

“Chris Cherry is the most talented hidden jewel here in Greenbelt,” Kavanagh said.

Cherry, however, is just happy to be a part of the show. “I’m just delighted. It is a privilege to work with such extra-talented young people.” Cherry said.


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